When the 2017 Oscars kicked off on January 6, 2017, it was the first time that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) had announced its nominees.

It was also the first year that the Oscars had officially nominated a film from the same franchise that had been nominated previously.

The Academy had announced that it had selected “Moonlight,” and the first trailer for the film was uploaded to YouTube.

A day later, in a video posted to the Instagram account of the film’s lead actor, actor Matt Damon, the Academy announced that the film had received the top honor for best picture.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that the official announcement of the nominees, which would later be released on the Academy’s website, was made.

In the days following the announcement, the Oscar nominations were leaked to the public, with the Academy claiming that the nominees were chosen based on “sound and music alone.”

The leak, which was picked up by multiple outlets, was widely criticized for being “politically motivated,” and by many, the backlash was swift.

In addition to being called a “bully,” the Academy also received the brunt of the backlash from celebrities, celebrities, and fans.

Some celebrities took to Twitter to call out the leak, and others went as far as to take to Facebook to post screenshots of their tweets criticizing the leak.

On Twitter, some celebrities accused the Academy, and many celebrities, of being “traitors” for being so “anti-white” that they didn’t want the Oscars to honor the nominees.

Matt Damon and other celebrities, including Kanye West, called out the Academy for the leak of the nominations.

Kanye West tweeted: “If you’re gonna lie, then you’re not a real human.

You’re a bunch of fake human.”

On Instagram, Kanye West wrote: “I’m so pissed off.

I’m so angry.

I’ll tweet the Oscars, because it’ll make people happy.”

Actor Matt Damon wrote: I’m angry.

It’s like when I woke up from an abortion, I was angry.

And now I’m mad.

And I’ll be angry all the time, and I’ll just tweet the Academy Awards, because I’m pissed off and I’m upset and I don’t like it.

And so I’ll send a million tweets about the Oscars and I will probably lose my shit.

I mean, I’ll definitely lose my fuckin’ mind and get upset at the Academy.

But I can’t take a shit anymore.

I can see it.

I think they deserve it.

They deserve to be recognized for what they do.

They are not fake human.

They aren’t fake.

They’re real human beings who deserve to have the Oscars recognized and honored for what we do.

But at the same time, I’m a fan, and it was an honor to be nominated for best actress in a drama.

I loved this movie, I loved that film, and there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of it.

But it’s really the fact that we don’t have a real representative of the people who make movies.

We don’t really have an audience, we don.

So it’s an honor for them to be honored.

But they shouldn’t have gotten the credit, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Matt is a true icon of the Hollywood community.

But the Oscars shouldn’t be about what he does.

The Oscars should be about who he is, and what he is about.

Matt has spoken out about his experience at the Oscars before, saying in 2014 that he felt that the awards ceremony was a “fucking joke.”

The Academy did not address Damon’s criticism of the leak at the time.

“In the weeks following the leak to the media, some people questioned whether the nomination for best actor was a mistake or not, but we believe it was a deliberate attempt to manipulate the results of the vote and distract from the Academy and the Oscars’ own record of strong nominations for its nominees,” the academy said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter at the start of the awards season.

The year before, Damon had been the subject of criticism when he announced that he was leaving the Academy after eight years.

He said at the end of 2016 that he would continue to serve on the board of the organization.

“I am proud to have been part of the Academy since its inception,” he said.

“As a former member of the academy, I believe in the integrity of the process and the values of the profession.

I am committed to leading the Academy to the best possible future, and to helping ensure that it is not tarnished by the actions of some who would seek to undermine its integrity.”

Damon said he believed that the leaks should have been reported sooner, and that he wanted to see the nominations released before the election.

“That said, I hope people know that I have always been