The masked singer Broccoli has revealed he’s also using a mask for the purpose of hiding his beard.

He is one of a handful of British rockers to have an offbeat facial contouring style, which involves the use of facial masks.

The singer has long used a pair of mask-like gloves to protect his facial hair, as well as a face mask to help conceal his hair from the sun and other harmful elements.

Broccoli is the subject of a new BBC documentary, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, which will air on BBC One on Thursday.

‘Boys don’t cry’ is the first time the singer has appeared on camera to talk about his facial contour, which he describes as a ‘fantastic process’.

He explains: ‘I have two full-body masks, a pair that I use to conceal my facial hair and the second is the mask that I wear to hide it.

When I’m in front of the camera, I put on the mask and just play with my face a little bit, so that I don’t get sunburned.

It’s a little tricky because you can actually get sunburnt if you get too close to the sun.

I’m just trying to keep the sun off my face, so it’s kind of a balancing act between keeping my face as normal as possible and keeping it as natural as possible.

So I have my gloves on and my face mask on.

I have a face spray and I apply it to my face.

Then I put the mask on, then I start the process of putting the gloves on.

We’ve got to take this off and put on a mask and then I’m going to go in the studio and work on my performance, but that’s the beauty of this mask – it can be done.

My face is a bit too close, I can’t breathe through my mask and it makes it a bit more difficult for me to breathe through it.

So it’s all about keeping the mask as natural and comfortable as possible.’

I have a mask on for a while now and it’s been a lot of fun to work on it, I’ve been able to play with it a little, and it looks great.

But it’s also very easy to take off when you’re doing your job.

The mask has really made the mask a lot easier to put on and take off.

It’s like a protective system, it protects you from the sunlight and it also keeps you away from the elements and the sun so you can breathe in and out easily.

You can get a bit of sunburn on your face, but I don, in fact, wear a mask all the time because I’ve got a lot going on.

I just want to get through the day and put it away and get back to the music and get on with it.

I’m always working on it and I’m just excited to get to that stage.

In the documentary, the singer talks about his unusual approach to facial contours, saying: ‘My face has always been so natural that it’s just like a mask.

I’ve always wanted to do something different and not try and make a mask out of it, so I thought it would be fun to put a mask together and experiment with that.’

He also reveals his beard, which is currently being treated for hair loss and the effects of the sun on his skin.

He explains the mask he uses: ‘For my beard I have the mask in place and I just put the glove on and I spray a lot.

Then when I do my work, I take off the mask, put the gloves and the mask is off.

A lot of people say they like it but they don’t like to put the face mask back on, so for me, I try to keep it as comfortable as I can.

‘I don’t want it to be too visible so I just wear it around my face and then it’s the rest of the day that it goes away.’