New Zealand singer and singer-songwriter Katelyn Moore has been crowned one of The Next 20 Kiwis, The Next New Zealand Woman, and The Next Kiwis’ Next New Zealander.

Moore, who is a member of the vocal group Pink, has been voted the most beautiful and talented woman in the world in a survey of over 300 people.

The 33-year-old has won both the New Zealand Voice Award and the NZ Voice Awards.

Moore was voted one of the 20 most beautiful people in the country and the Kiwi Woman of the Year for 2018.

Moore said she was inspired to become a singer after watching the movie Singles and a group of female actors singing and dancing to the songs of a song she had written.

She said she knew it was her voice and voice alone that would be able to take people to places they might not otherwise go.

Moore has performed with the New Zealands’ largest rock band Pink and was the winner of the New York Comedy Festival’s Top Female Comedian of the Past.

Moore is currently touring around the world.

She has performed live with her band Pink, who have performed at venues including The Improv, The Hammerstein Ballroom and The Palladium.

Moore sang at the annual Sydney Opera House Comedy Festival and performed alongside fellow NZ singer/songwriter Lizzie Ruggles in the New Year’s Eve concert for The Great British Bake Off.

She also has the New South Wales’ highest profile gig in the National Theatre.

The Next New Kiwis is the group of five Kiwis from across the country who will make their mark on New Zealand music, politics and society in 2019.

The group consists of:The Next Kiwi’s Next NewzealanderKatelynMoore is a native of Dunedin and has lived in New Zealand since 2009.

She currently lives in Auckland with her partner and two dogs.

She is an avid supporter of the National Party.