With the 2017 sales of records and CDs outpacing that of the year before, the answer is Jojo singer Betty Wright.

The band sold a total of more than $1.7 billion in albums and CDs last year, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

That was $1 billion more than the year prior.

The group sold more than 1.6 million CDs last January.

But the sales of Jojo albums and singles are expected to top that number in 2018, according a Billboard report published Monday.

The 2017 sales for the group are still only $3.4 million ahead of the 2018 total, and the group has sold fewer than 590,000 albums in total.

Wrights sales are also a fraction of the $2.3 billion recorded last year by the likes of Drake, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

The list of the top 10 most expensive albums sold in the country in 2017 is as follows:1.

“Totally Free,” BeyoncĂ©: $2,063,8442.

“My Favorite Things,” Drake: $1,933,9433.

“Bangerz,” Lil Wayne: $971,7424.

“No More Mr. Nice Guy,” Wiz Khalifa: $874,8535.

“Dancing With the Stars,” Wiz: $719,9076.

“Wu-Tang Clan: Clan Rap,” Wu-Tang: $697,8357.

“Weezer,” Usher: $689,8218.

“Bad Religion,” David Byrne: $688,9279.

“Karma,” Arcade Fire: $685,93510.

“Jailhouse Rock,” Arcade: $654,851