With ACDC’s “Hate to Bother” and “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” still at the top of the charts, the singer who most recently released his debut album, “Bodies” and who’s been working with ACDC for several years now is getting his due with his fellow ACDC fans.

The group’s songwriting duo, Nick Young and D.J. Gomes, are the stars of this year’s Americana Rock Awards and, to boot, it’s a lot of music.

The ACDC songs have the feel of an acoustic jam, with a funky rhythm section, a sweet and catchy chorus and an upbeat beat that makes for a great rock song.

ACDC has long been one of the best rock bands of all time and “Bodys” is no exception.

The track features the vocals of ACDC drummer Danny Carey and the ACDC-produced vocals of Nick Young, who’s joined by a host of ACD musicians on the track.

The song has a funky, funky rhythm and has been a big hit in the past few years, and this year the ACD songs have been the most successful in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voting.

In an interview with Billboard, the two-time Grammy winner said, “We are really lucky to be playing our songs in the Hall of the Fame.

That’s what I love about it.

The Rock and Gold has always been a place where people from different genres come together and it’s nice to be able to be recognized by all of those artists who have been a part of our music.”

Nick Young’s performance on “Bods” was just a bit too much for the ACDD members.

Young didn’t play a single note on the song, and he didn’t even get the chance to sing along to the song.

His solo performance was more a showcase of his singing ability, but that didn’t stop ACDC members from singing along with Young’s vocals and playing the guitar solo on “Hates to Boddle” and other songs.

The band also performed “Hears a Singing” at the awards, with Gomes on guitar, Young on drums and Carey on bass.

It was a great performance by ACDC, who performed at the award show for the first time since 2010.

The “Horns” and the “Mountain People” were also nominated for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song.

ACD also received a nod for Best Americana Album.

The Grammy Awards were held at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, Feb. 17.