Khalid’s sister, Crizzly, sings this song.

“Rosa” is a cover of the song “Akhbar,” by Iranian singer Azhar Ali, a collaboration with Roshan.

Khalid has a good songwriting background, so I was expecting him to be able to do a good job.

But he was not able to.

He wrote a song in five minutes that is completely different from the one he did for his sister.

He took a lot of time on it.

His sister has the lyrics, but he has not written anything.

I feel sad because I have been waiting for him to write for me for a long time.

I have seen him do a lot for his family.

He has written many songs, but this is the first time he has done one that is different.

“Khalid” is one of the most successful songs in Iran.

He was named a Top 100 singer in 2011 by the Music Association of Iran.

This is a huge honour for a singer who is also a singer.

The songs that he writes are very important to him and they will always remain his favourite.

He is also known for his beautiful songs.

“Nakha,” his second album, was released last year and is considered to be one of his best albums.

I know it was very good.

He also wrote a number of songs for the band Mihre, which are considered among the best of the Iranian music.

When I first met him, I thought he was a talented musician.

I really liked him.

The fact that he is in a wheelchair is a big relief.

“Achariya” is another hit song from his sister, and I think the two of them have worked really hard to write this song together.

Khalfan said, “I wrote this song in a week.”

I have a lot to do with my sisters songwriting.

I had never worked with them before.

But we are very close.

I wrote it very quickly and I am very happy that I did it in such a short time.

My sister is very supportive of Khalfani.

“I will be singing for you for the rest of my life,” he said.

I hope Khalfanian can continue his legacy.

I will be doing the same.