The Skiplike game is a video game where players are allowed to wear their own body to compete in the Skiplikes event, a series of challenges that have been around since the 1990s.

While the game is currently in development for a release in 2017, its creator and developer have teased fans with the new video game teaser.

“We’ve got the teaser video for Skiplik,” Sledgehammer Games CEO John Riccitiello tweeted.

“The game is finally here.

The new teaser is a trailer for SkiPlik.

It features a woman wearing a ski helmet, wearing a mask and with a ski mask on.

You know what?

We love the game and we think you will too.”

The new teaser features a new, original voiceover from the game’s director, who reveals that the new game will be a “really fun and exciting ride.”

“This will be one of the greatest rides of your life.

There will be lots of crazy things to see and do and you will be rewarded for your bravery in doing so,” the voiceover reads.”

The first Skiplika is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 18.”

The trailer also features a clip of the game, along with a series video.

The game will feature a different theme each day, with the first day, “The First Snow,” featuring a snowstorm, followed by “Snow Day,” with snow falling at a faster pace.

The next day, Snow Day, features a massive snowstorm and a snowman riding a sled, followed on Tuesday by “Ape Day,” where players can ride a large ape, which has a much different appearance.

After the game launches, the teaser will include a trailer that includes a new voiceover, featuring the voice of the developer.

“We’ll have some exciting announcements and updates in the coming months,” Riccitiallo wrote.

“Stay tuned.”