It’s been rumored for years that Rihanna is dating Rottwiler star Rhett Butler, but it seems as though things are finally coming to a head.

According to an Instagram post, Rittwiler stars Difranico, the man that Rihannas husband, Bruno Mars, and their son, Romeo, have been dating for the past two years.

In the post, the two star in a video, where they are seen together, dancing, and kissing.

According the post from the Rittweilers’ Instagram account, the video was filmed last month in San Diego, California.

The couple were filming the new movie, The Ritz, which will be released in 2019.

In addition to the video, the couple also shared a photo of Difreco’s daughter, Ariana.

The Ritts are expected to return to the big screen with their first collaboration since 2013, the animated film A Walk in the Woods, which is set to be released on May 16, 2019.

Rihanna previously said that the pair will not be returning to the studio.

The rapper also shared an interview in which she discussed the relationship between the two artists.

In it, Rihanna revealed that she was “pretty nervous” about her relationship with Butler, saying, “I don’t know, I mean, I feel like the love is the same for me, but I don’t really know, man.

I don, like, know.

I just feel like that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

However, she added that she has “a great love for him.”

Ritt’s daughter Ariana, on the other hand, has not been shy about sharing her opinion about her father.

In a recent Instagram post titled, “My Dad’s The Man: Why I Am Not Dating Rihanna,” Ariana shared a picture of her mother with a caption that read, “When my mom comes home from work, I always say, ‘I hope she’s in my heart.'”

The post then shared a screenshot of a recent photo from Ariana’s Instagram, showing her with Ritt and her dad.

The caption read, “@RittWILSON: My dad’s the man!

My mom loves him.

I’ve seen the photos from the shoot with him!

I love him!”

Ariana captioned the picture with a photo from her Instagram account.

Ariana also shared, “Rihanna’s gonna make me cry, I’m scared, but also I love her.

She’s gonna love me forever.”

Rihanna shared a similar message in a photo caption from her account earlier this month, saying that she “love” her father and her mom.

“I love my mom and my dad, but the most amazing thing about my dad is he’s the most beautiful,” she captioned that photo.

Arianna also shared the caption with the photo of her and Ritt, along with a picture that read “The love is always there.”

Rihannah has been dating her husband since 2013.

They split in January 2018 after a four-year marriage that ended in divorce.

The two have two children together, a daughter, Olivia, and a son, Theo.

Rihannavas father and the singer-actor also have a child together, Drake, and he is the father of the Grammy-nominated rapper’s daughter.

The pair recently married for the first time.

The star previously told People magazine that she wanted to “get the relationship right,” adding, “We’re both in love with each other.

I want it to be the best it can be.”

RihAnnavas marriage has been in the news recently because of her relationship issues.

RihAnn is currently battling an aneurysm in her left knee.

She recently posted a photo on Instagram showing the swelling on her left leg and the caption, “Need to get it checked out.”

RihAna previously said she would be willing to date Ritt again if he were to ask.

She added, “If he asks, we would do it.

We are very close and we love each other.”

Rih is currently in New York City and is expected to perform at the BET Awards on May 13.

She also has a concert scheduled for May 13 in Los Angeles.

RihAnas next album is expected in 2019 with the song “No Goodbyes.”

The singer has also recently started working on a new album.

Rihana’s “No Goodbye” will be her last studio album, according to a new report.

Rih Annavas new album is titled, The Ritt Song: No Goodbye.

It will be available June 20, 2019 on Universal Music.

Rih is also set to release a new song, “Baba O’Riley,” on June 18.