TwoFourTwo – FourFour Two’s digital magazine dedicated to all things technology and the arts, published by FourFour, is now available in all its glorious glory.

The magazine, which is the brainchild of technology writer James Hutton, is the only magazine in the UK to focus on the world of artificial intelligence and technology, and features in-depth interviews with leading thinkers in this space.

It has a wide range of technology content including:Technology, Artificial Intelligence, AI Research, Artificial Life,Artificial Intelligence Research,Robotics,Robot Technology,Robotic Systems,Robots,Design,Designers,Designer Ideas,Designing,Design in the Age of Digital,Design Patterns,Design Ideas,Drones,Droning,Dyson,Dryer,Drying,Dishwasher,Doorbell,E-waste,Elevators,Eco-factory,Energy,Environment,Energy Storage,Environmental Issues,Future Technology,Future Planning,Garden Garden,Gym,High-speed Rail,Internet,Interiors,Lab,Lightning,Luggage,Machine Learning,Memory,Mental Health,Mobile,Motorcycle,Money,Money in Motion,Pilot,Pilots,Powertrain,Power,Power Delivery,Powering,Real Estate,Remote Sensing,Remote Viewing,Self-Driving Cars,Selfie,Sustainable Energy,Sourcing,Speech,Sensors,Speakers,Software,Sonic,Technology,Technology Trends,Technology of the Future,Technology Watch article FourFourFive is an Australian digital magazine covering the news, technology, design, and the fashion industry, with an emphasis on digital products.

This is an alternative lifestyle publication, focussed on the products and services that matter to you.