A singer from Jellyfish masks has been crowned the winner of MTV UK’s most prestigious music awards.

The 16-year-old, named ‘Mick’, made history when he won the best vocalist award on Sunday night after a live rendition of ‘The Biggest Loser’ topped the chart.

He beat his rival by a wide margin, winning seven awards including the MTV VMA and an award for his performance of the song ‘Jellyfish’ alongside his family.

Mick’s performance of ‘Jellies’ was described as ‘fairytale’ by fans, but critics said the performance was more “realistic”.’

The Bigger The Better’ is a popular song with teenage girls and young adults who are not necessarily fans of music.

The winner was also recognised for his ‘biggest drag performance’ on Saturday night.

Micks performance of his song ‘The Bricks’ also won him the MTV Idol for Best Vocal Performance, while ‘Jelani’ won him MTV’s Vocal Achievement Award for Best Female Vocal.

In a post on his Facebook page, he said: “I’m humbled to be the first male winner of a British MTV UK Music Awards for Best Male Vocal for ‘The Greatest Drag Show Ever’ this year.”

He also thanked his parents, sister and fans for the support, saying: “This is what I dream of every day.

Thank you, for supporting me.”

The award was awarded by British singer-songwriter Marky Ramone to Mick, who is known for his “biggest” drag performance in his YouTube channel, ‘My Family Is Jellyfish’, which has nearly 6.5 million views.

Mikkels performance of My Family Is Jelani was also a big hit on YouTube and received more than 1.5million views.

He is one of a handful of performers nominated in the MTV Britain Idol awards, which were created to promote the likes of Taylor Swift and Lorde.

Last year, UK singer-actress Jess Glynne was also nominated for her performance of her hit song ‘I Feel Love’ in the VMA Awards, but she withdrew from the competition in the wake of the Manchester attack.

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