The Cranberrys, lead singer and singer-songwriter Matt Bellamy, guitarist Josh Ritter, and bassist/guitarist Dave Lattner, joined NASA and other space agencies in a Star Wars-themed musical jam session, which aired Saturday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The NASA team and the other agencies are “all about finding ways to do things in space that were never done before,” Bellamy told DeGenerie.

They’re also working on new technologies that “would be absolutely incredible to have in space.”

“We had an idea in the beginning that this is the kind of thing that people would come up to us with,” he said.

“And then we started getting to the end of the show and we realized that’s what the audience is going to want.

They just want to be able to dance and sing and sing a song.

And we’re all just really excited to be here.”

The show aired on the Ellen Degenres Show, but the performance itself was streamed live on the NASA Facebook page.

NASA tweeted that the show was “in the works” and that “it is very exciting to be performing in space with the NASA community.”

The show, which will also be shown on Ellen’s YouTube channel, will air again on Monday, Dec. 17.