Fleetwood Mac singer Cher sings on ‘Millionaire Boys’

By The Associated PressThe star of the hit British music video for “Millionaires Boys” said on Sunday she is writing her memoir.Meryl Streep, 71, has written her autobiography, “A Millionaire

The New Zealand Government is launching a new scheme to promote veganism on Christmas Eve

Mngolian Singer Final Exam: What’s Next?

Mngolia, Mongolia (AP) It’s the end of an era for a country that once played a big role in the world’s development.Mngolia is one of a handful of Mongolian countries

Who is the masked singer?

The singer heavy-duty is an obscure character in the musical history of the masked singer, an Egyptian-born musician who played in a variety of bands during the 1950s and 1960s.According