Carlos, a former rock singer from New Delhi, died from a heart attack at his home on Thursday night.

Carlos was 38.

He was survived by his parents, brother, and his parents’ friend, Rajendra Sharma, who had been his closest friend.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Carlos thanked his fans for their support.

He also said goodbye to his band, Sunmask, and family.

Sunmask had been in the studio for more than two years.

Carlos and Sunmask were among the stars of the Indian pop band Kala Ghoda in 2009.

He had been working on the album ‘Sunmask’ with the group.

The band’s last song was ‘The Big Picture’ in 2015.

Carlos had started singing on the music show ‘The Bollywood Sound’, which aired on the Indian version of the US channel ‘Star’ in 2018.

He recorded his first single ‘Sun Mask’ in 2009 and has released four studio albums and more than 500 songs since then.

Sun Mask has a fan base of more than 1.5 million.

Carlos’s death has sparked anger on social media.

He is survived by a wife and three children.