Khalid singer, the UAE’s most popular singer, is heading home after 13 years with the entertainment group UEE and its Dubai-based subsidiary.

Khalid’s sister, Ulla, who is the company’s chief executive, said in a statement Thursday that her sister will leave the UAE in the next two weeks.

Khaled, who has been married to Ulla since 2011, announced in November that he would leave Dubai for the United States, but the news came as a surprise to many fans.

Ulla has a record label with several songs and a Grammy Award nomination for Best Male Solo Artist for her work with Khalid and Khaled, as well as other artists including the group OneRepublic.

Ulla is expected to return to the UAE.

Khaldani is also leaving Dubai for Dubai, where he is set to start a new life after he announced his retirement last year.