The Ballad of Johnny Singlez-Négrité, a ballad of two people struggling to keep their lives together in New York City in the 1960s, will open with a UK premiere Friday at The Royal Albert Hall, the venue’s chief executive, David Waggoner, announced Friday.

The film, directed by David Mitchell, will be presented in the U.S. on Saturday.

The Ballads debut at The Toronto International Film Festival will be on March 12.

“The Ballad is the culmination of two incredible and moving experiences,” Mitchell said in a statement.

“It’s the story of a man who lived his life and the love that he experienced, and the music he wrote that brought us together.

It’s an intimate portrait of the time when the world felt like its crumbling around him, a time when he was trying to escape a world that seemed to be turning his world upside down.

It is a film that we know will resonate with many audiences.”

The movie is based on the memoirs of the ballad’s two writers, John Singles and Lulu Singlez, both of whom have died, and will tell the story through their words.

It follows the life of Singles, a jazz musician who lives in New Jersey with his wife, a housekeeper and their two young children.

Singles’ family has been battling a cancer diagnosis and his wife and children moved to the city of Philadelphia.

His sister, Lulu, is the singer in the film.

“We’ve always been fans of Johnny, we always have been fans,” Waggerson said.

“John was a musician that lived a life of passion and the things he loved, and Lula was an artist who had a gift for songwriting that we really believe will bring out the best in people.

This will be an extraordinary event.”

The film opens in the UK on March 5, and Canada on March 18.

A trailer was released on YouTube earlier this week.

It stars Singles in a scene in a crowded hotel room, singing the ballads of his own childhood.

It also features the story told through the lives of three other musicians, including former member of the Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, and members of the Beach Boys.

The song “Swing Your Own Song” is a reference to the Beatles’ hit song “All You Need Is Love.”

Mitchell said the film will explore Singles personal journey in the wake of his diagnosis and illness.

“He was a real fighter and was in the middle of a cancer journey that he was struggling with,” he said.