The “Black” Keys’ lead singer, Rhiannon Giddens, has announced her retirement from the rock band.

Giddens announced the decision via Twitter late Tuesday night.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Giddes said, “I’m done playing with my band, the Black Keys.

The music is done.

It’s over.”

She added, “Thank you for everything.

I love you all.”

She has previously announced that she would be stepping down from the band in February.

Her statement also said she would continue to write music, tour and promote with her husband, Scott Stas, and others.

The Black Keys’ final show before retirement will be June 4 in Seattle.

In the years since she and Stas first met, the pair have been inseparable, collaborating with each other and playing together on albums like “Black Magic” and “In The Lonely Hour.”

They also produced the Black Magic soundtrack.

Geddens was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in the Bronx, New Jersey.

She was raised in New York and became a professional singer, actress and dancer in the 1980s.

She became a member of the band Black Keys in 1987, but her career took off in the ’90s, as she became a staple of the group’s lineup and hit singles.

In 2005, Geddens made headlines when she was featured in a Playboy cover story.

In that same issue, she described the pressure she felt during her childhood as a child and her relationship with Stas and their daughter, Bella.

Gidding said that while the Black Diamonds will be released in November, they will remain in the spotlight for the rest of the year.

She added, “”There will be some surprises.

“Giddes and Stasky reunited in 2018, but they have since split.

The couple have two children together.

Gillingham said that the Black Gems have been “in our family for many years” and that the band’s lineup will remain intact.”

It’s the legacy that we hold for the past two generations of the Black Gold, which is something that we’re so proud of.