RACHEL McADAMS IS BACK with a vengeance on her debut album “Bodaks Yellow.”

The singer, whose real name is Rachael MacAdams, is a multi-hyphenate, and has a lot of people in awe of her.

She is the third performer from the group behind Jennifer Hudson and Selena Gomez to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

She has also been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.

McAdams, who is also known as Rach-a-Bodas, is one of the best-selling songwriters of all time.

Her “Bods” album hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart last week, with over 2.7 million units sold.

Her new album is set to hit the charts in June.

Her debut album is the first of four from her label, Tame Impala, and is expected to debut in May.

McAdams’ album is an ode to love.

It is a celebration of the love of family and people.

The album is about love, and the meaning of life.

It’s about all the things that you think you know about love but actually you don’t.

It has the lyrics, like, ‘I’m gonna get you some of this.’

The album was about love and how to express it, which was very personal to me.

I felt like it was a statement about me, the way I was raised.

It was also very personal for my husband.

It felt like we were singing together about our love, not about each other.

It reminded me of when we were first married and he was a teacher, and we would go into our bedroom and I would put my hand on his shoulder, and he would pull me away.

He knew he had to do it because I was such a beautiful person.

That’s how we felt about each another.

We were like, You gotta do it.

It really made me feel like I was singing to myself and I felt so good about it, too.

Mcadams is one in a long line of people to have had an album be certified platinum.

She’s been in the Billboard top 100 for almost a decade.

Her first album was certified platinum in 2003, and she’s also a platinum-selling singer.

The song “Sweet Emotion” from “Bodies” was also certified platinum, as well as “Sweet Home Alabama.”