When you’re trying to recreate the face you used to have, finding the right smile is as important as it is challenging.

Here are seven tips for choosing the right face makeup to create the perfect smile.


Choose a color that matches your skin toneThe color of your skin is more important than your color, but it’s not the only factor.

You can’t pick the exact shade of brown that you have, but you can use a combination of different shades of red, yellow and blue to create a more realistic complexion.

If you are looking for a shade that makes you appear younger, try something lighter.

A shade like navy blue, for example, would work well for a face with darker skin tones.


Choose an accent colorThe way you accentuate your face can affect how you look.

For example, a bright yellow or purple could work for a cheekbones, while a deeper, darker green would make you look more youthful.

In addition, some people can choose the color of their eyes, which can help with the way your lips move when you smile.


Find a lip color that looks naturalYour lips can look very different depending on the color you apply.

For some people, a deeper red would make your lips look more childlike.

For others, a more neutral shade would work for them.


Choose your blush colorFor bright, healthy-looking cheeks, you might want to try using a color like coral, pink or lavender.

However, darker colors will make your cheeks look more oily.


Choose eye shadow for a better-looking cheekbonesThe shape of your cheekbones can make a big difference in how your face looks.

If your cheeks are more narrow, a neutral-colored eye shadow can look more flattering, while darker shades will make them look more angular.


Choose lip linerFor a deeper smile, a darker, more muted shade like pink or coral would work better for a more youthful face.

However if your cheeks have been damaged, it’s probably a good idea to try darker shades of lipstick to bring out your full, youthful cheekbones.


Choose eyeliner For a more sophisticated, natural-looking appearance, choose a shade like plum, lavender or light pink to make your eyelashes look more pronounced.


Choose cheek makeupYou can choose any lip liner you like, but darker, darker shades would look better with darker lips.

If a shade is too bright for your skin, try using lighter shades, like a lighter green or blue.


Choose mascaraThe texture of mascara can have a big impact on how it looks.

Some people find a thicker, more fine-mesh kind of brush to work best for their lips, while others prefer a thinner brush, like those found in a highlighter brush.

To help you decide what kind of mascara to use, here are some tips to get you started: 10.

Choose eyebrow color to make it more realisticYou can often find eyeliner in eye shadow, lip color or mascara stores that are darker than your face, and this will make the eyeliner seem more natural.

If the eyeliners you choose have a red tint, that’s probably the one to choose.

But if they’re not red, you can also use an eye shadow or lipstick color that has a darker red tint.


Choose lipstick for more definitionThe amount of color you use in your makeup can make it seem more full.

For instance, a light red lipstick might be the perfect makeup for a darker-skinned person, while you could use a lighter color like a yellow or pink.

Makeup colors that are complementary will also help make your makeup look more realistic.


Choose eyeshadow that has an appealing formulaFor most people, their eyes will look natural without any makeup, but a lighter eye shadow might make it look more natural for a lighter-skinned face.

If using a lighter shade, try applying the eye shadow to the lower part of your eye, such as in the corner of your lower lash line.


Choose liner or mascara that matches a different colorYou can use different makeup colors to create different eyes, so try different colors of mascara, liner or lip liner.

For darker skin, a lighter shadow can be more flattering than a darker one.


Choose blush color to accentuate a deeper colorYou might have noticed a darker cheekbone or fuller lips.

When you choose the right shade, you’ll notice that your cheeks and lips will look more full, while your eyes will appear more youthful and vibrant.


Choose earrings that will look professionalThe way your earrings look can also make a difference in the way you look, as can the way they sit on your head.

Try wearing earrings in different colors to match your outfit.


Choose nail polishYou can wear different colors for different nails.

Try using nail polish in different shades to create contrasting