You’ve been watching television for hours, but you’re getting tired of listening to the same boring shows.

Crystals, bowls and singing bowls are among the many ways to help you stop crying.

But if you don’t have time to sit through all of those programs, there are some things you can do to break your crying pattern.

“The key is to be mindful,” says psychologist Debra Davenport, who has helped hundreds of people quit crying.

“If you’re not doing it consciously, you’re doing it unconsciously.”

Here are seven ways to stop crying in a way that feels good to you and feels like it will keep you going.


Relax Your Breath and Mindset When you’re crying, your body needs to breathe deeply and release oxygen.

You’re holding on to oxygen in your lungs because your brain is sending the signal to the muscles to exhale.

This tension of air can cause your body to get tense, which can lead to crying.

Davenpool says to stop the tension, try breathing normally.

Try to slow your breathing, say two breaths per minute, and breathe normally again.2.

Start a Breathing Habit with a Word or Symbol The word or symbol that you choose to use when you’re distressed is completely up to you.

But you can find a word or a symbol that says something about how you’re feeling and what you want to say.

Here are a few options:A smile: “I’m happy, I’m feeling well, I’ve made progress.

That’s a good start.

I’m glad I got through this,” says Davenpack.3.

Smile and Cheer: “Thank you for coming, I appreciate you so much.

I love you,” says a smiling person.4.

Hug: “Hi, my name is Tara.

I just wanted to let you know I’m a huge fan of your singing.

It’s so funny when you do that.

I feel like I’m so close to you, you know?”5.

Greet: “Hello, I love ya, my love!

Thank you so very much,” says someone who is smiling.6.

Let Go of the Past and Future: “What a wonderful time of the year to be alive, to celebrate all things natural and human,” says an old person who is crying.7.

Get in a Room and Say, “I am sorry”When you’re in a room full of people, it can feel overwhelming to be crying.

But Davenpens says to start a quiet room by saying, “We are all in tears right now, but please be kind and listen to each other.

Don’t get emotional.

Just say ‘I’m sorry.'”

Then, take a moment to let your body go into relaxation mode and focus on breathing.

This will help you feel better, and you’ll feel better too.

To stop crying, focus on your breathing.

Try breathing normally for about 15 seconds, then slowly inhale.

Do this several times.

After a few breaths, take deep breaths.

Then, take another deep breath.

Repeat for about 10 seconds, letting the relaxation of your breathing slow you down.

After that, take longer breaths.

Repeat, breathing normally a few times, until you feel like you can hold on to your breath and don’t feel any tension.

You can also take some deep breaths to relieve the tension in your throat and your jaw muscles.

Then repeat for 30 seconds or so.

You can use this breathing habit as a way to remind yourself of how good you are and remind yourself that you’re alive.7 tips for quitting cryingWhen you get to the end of your routine, let your mind go into a safe place and take a breath.

Then say, “Sorry I didn’t get to do anything.

I was so tired.”

This is your opportunity to stop feeling guilty about what happened, and to let go of the past and future.

Start asking yourself what’s next.

Do you want your life to be the same?

Then say “I have hope.

I have faith.

I do have hope.”

If you’re thinking, “If I don’t do this, then I’ll never be able to get through it.

I’ll get a cold or get sick,” think about that and say, I don.

You have a responsibility to do this for yourself, so don’t stop doing it.

But remember, you have the power to stop this cycle.

“You have the ability to take your own life, to stop,” says Dr. Daugherty.

“So let’s just get through this.”