Lloyd singer, lloyd singer, who is married to singer Lloyd Singer, who has appeared in movies including the hit movie, The Wedding Singer, is reportedly a target in a wedding scam involving the wedding ring scam.

According to reports, Lloyd Singer has a number of fake wedding rings that have been bought in the past year for as little as $20 each.

The rings, however, are counterfeit.

In an interview with Australian broadcaster, The Today Show, Lloyd stated:I don’t think people really know that the ring I bought for the wedding was fake.

It was a ring that was made out of fake leather, it had a false front, it was made up of fake gold, it even had fake diamonds.

It was all done by a scammer in Australia.

So, it’s really quite amazing that it’s even happened in Australia at all.

I think it’s just something that happens on the street.

However, there are plenty of other celebrities who have been caught in the ring scam, including singer Justin Timberlake, rapper Lil Wayne, actress Rose McGowan, actor David Spade, actress Jennifer Aniston, actor George Clooney, musician Chris Brown, actor and comedian Donald Glover, and musician Drake.

According a story in The Hollywood Reporter, Lloyd is also accused of having stolen wedding rings from other celebrities.

“Lloyd’s ring ring had been stolen from a celebrity who had been spotted at a wedding in Mexico.

But Lloyd had not seen the celeb at that wedding, so he assumed the ring was from another celebrity, which it wasn’t,” the article reads.

Lloyds ring had allegedly been stolen in a Mexican wedding in August 2016.