The lead singer of the Cranberries, James Taylor, is a longtime friend of singer and actor Charlie Daniels.

He says he had a long talk with Daniels about his career and why he was singing on “Ain’s Not No MountainHigh Enough.”

“He was a really cool guy, and I was thinking, ‘Man, I don’t think I could sing with him.

Why would I want to sing with this guy?'”

Taylor told NPR.

“But I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll do it.

I’ll play this part.

I can make it.'”

The role was a surprise to Taylor.

“I had never heard of Charlie Daniels before,” he said.

“So I was surprised when I was asked to come up.

And then I was just, like, really excited.

And so when I saw him for the first time, I was happy.”

And that’s why Taylor says he has a new song.

“It’s kind of a fun song,” he says.

“That’s what it’s about.

And I don, you know, I just love to sing.

I don?t really care what I?re doing.

So I just thought, ‘Well, I?m glad I can sing.'”

The song, titled “A Song of Myself,” is a nod to the old, dusty songs of his youth.

Taylor says the idea for the song came when he saw Daniels singing “A Night at the Opera” in New York City.

“And I thought, like you know what?

I can’t do that song,” Taylor said.

And he did.

“We recorded the song and I played it in my living room.

I was on my phone, like I’m on my way home from New York.

And there was this beautiful girl who was watching the show,” he recalled.

“She was just like, you?re really good.

You?re a very, very good singer.

You know, the thing is, it’s not just my singing.

It’s not like, oh, this girl just loves me.

And it?s really about this other guy, too.

It?s about all of us.

It really?s not just me.”

And Taylor is a little different in the song, too: It’s about being in love.

And the song is filled with songs of a different kind, too, one that he says is also about his love life.

“When I came out as gay in the ’80s, it was a time where I wasn?t ready for the kind of life I wanted to have,” Taylor told ABC News.

“To me, it just seemed like a pretty natural transition.

“You are not even alone in your feelings. “

The way I look at it is, you are not alone in this,” Taylor added.

“You are not even alone in your feelings.

You are just in the situation.

And that?s something you can’t always do.

You have to do what feels right.”

The new song will be released on July 4.

For more information, visit the Cranberry website.