By Celeste Singer-WieberCeleste Singer, a veteran of Australian television cooking shows such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding and How To Make A Vegan Meal, will be making her Australian television debut in the new series, called Vegan Meatloaf, which will be broadcast on ABC2 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Key points:Celeste Singer-Weber will play chef and founder of Australian Vegan Meat Loaf, a vegan cooking show in which she cooks and sells vegan food.

The show will be hosted by the star of My Big Gay Wedding, who is also the host of the ABC2 showThe new series will be the first in a new series of Vegan MeatLoaf, set to be released in 2018The show, produced by the ABC and the Vegan Foundation, will also feature vegan celebrity chef Will Matthews and singer-songwriter Celeste Singe.

Celese Singer-Wiber said the new show would be a showcase for Australia’s growing vegan movement.

“It’s going to be a very different show,” she said.

“The new show will not only be about cooking but also about vegan food, about the whole thing.”

Ms Singer-Webber is known for her vegan cooking shows, which have aired on the ABC since 2014, including My Big Meat Wedding and My Big Vegan Wedding.

She said the idea for the show came from a desire to provide an opportunity for Australians to experience the world of vegan cooking and to help promote the cause.

“I think we need to show more people around the world what’s possible when it comes to vegan food and I think that’s why I started the show,” Ms Singer-Woods said.

She added that she had not eaten meat in years.

“We are not going to give up meat.

We are going to continue eating it,” she told the ABC.”

If it’s not a dish I like, it’s something that I am interested in, but I’m not going any further.”

This is just about giving Australians the opportunity to taste it.

“The show’s producers have said the series will focus on cooking with vegans, with celebrity chefs from the world’s biggest vegan restaurants such as Chipotle and Olive Garden among its guests.

Cels, the star behind My Big Greek Wedding, said she hoped the new program would help promote Australia’s burgeoning vegan food movement.

In a statement, she said she wanted the audience to “see what Australians have been doing all along to make this country the world-leader in vegan food”.”

We want people to see this and think: ‘Wow, that’s so cool.

I have been following this for years.

This is amazing’,” she said in the statement.”

For me, it was really about showing how this country was evolving and how we were moving forward, and to inspire people to do the same.

“With this new show, we hope to show that people can taste what it’s like to be vegan.”

Ms Singe said she was excited to be joining the show.

“There’s no better way to showcase my passion for vegan food than to be on television and I couldn’t be happier to be part of it,” Ms Singe told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Wednesday.

“Celesta is a fantastic cook and she’s the one who inspired me to start my own vegan cooking programme.”

She’s a really good communicator.

She is very good at making people feel comfortable and she will bring a lot of knowledge.

“In 2017, the Vegan Association of Australia reported that about 40 per cent of Australians were now vegan, a rise from the previous year.”

When you have a group of like-minded people like that, there’s really no need for fear and the pressure of eating meat,” Ms Rugg said.

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