Mabel, a 15-year-old California girl who has been a vocal advocate of transgender rights, was one of thousands of transgender people who spoke at the annual Values Voter Summit on Saturday, where President Donald Trump made his first public appearance as the head of the Trump administration.

The event, which is co-hosted by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the conservative Christian group founded by the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, featured the heads of the National Federation of Republican Women, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the American Family Association.

Mabel’s speech came during the first portion of the two-hour event, during which she and several of her transgender friends spoke about their personal experiences with the Trump presidency.

Speaking of Trump, she told attendees that “you know, he doesn’t care if he’s president or not.”

She then described Trump’s first days as president as “a total disaster.”

Mabel, who identifies as a transgender woman, said that she was not particularly worried about her safety at first.

“I was hoping that Trump would stop harassing me, but unfortunately, I’m not going to wait that long.

It was kind of an uphill battle, but now, it’s finally going to happen,” she said.

Melsa Tarrant, executive director of NOM, described Trump as “one of the most anti-LGBT members of Congress.”

“He is not a friend of the LGBTQ community, and he doesn: He is a hateful and dangerous anti-transgender bigot,” Tarrants stated in a statement.

“Mabel has been deeply concerned about the safety of transgender children and youth for years.

She is a voice of reason and unity in the face of Trump’s assault on our nation’s most cherished civil rights.”

Melsas speech also featured comments from other trans youth who have been targeted for harassment and violence at school and in the workplace, as well as the voices of other transgender activists.

“When a child’s safety is at risk, it is our duty to speak up.

We have to protect them,” Tammie Thompson, president of the California State Gay and Transgender Youth Coalition, told Breitbart News.

“Our families have been through so much.

We know the power of talking, we know that when we stand up, the bullies and the bullies are going to listen to us.

We are going for our rights.

We’re not afraid to speak our minds.

We will be able to fight our battles no matter what happens.”