A US astronaut has won a ‘best artist’ award at the Royal International Astronautical Society’s (RIAA) annual awards.

James Lovell, who has spent three years in space, performed a medley of his songs to honour the British astronaut.

Lovell, 38, also performed a solo version of the song, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to a rapturous reception.

He said the awards were ‘just another way of showing that you are part of the team’.

“It is just a way of honouring the astronauts who have worked so hard to reach space,” Lovell told the audience.

“I am just honoured to be part of this team.”

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live’s This Morning programme, Lovell said he would like to continue his career in the music industry.

“But if you look at what the last five years have been, you can see that I am really happy to be here and I am just looking forward to the future,” he said.

“If it’s something that is really good and I feel that I can help people out, then I will definitely do it.”

We are just looking at the future and the future is bright.

“The awards, which were handed out on Thursday, will be presented in New York City on December 5.

Lovel was the third British astronaut to be honoured at the awards, joining Mark Watney and Mark Cripps.

Cripps, an American who served in the US Air Force, was awarded the ‘best vocalist’ award.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he was happy to take part in the awards.”

It’s great to be recognised for my work, and it’s a wonderful recognition for all of us who are working for this country and for the British people,” he told the programme.”

To have the recognition for our country, and all of our people, is something that I’m very proud of.