What to know about Bitcoin and ICOs

A new generation of cryptocurrency is taking off.Bitcoin and Ethereum have become hot commodities, with investors looking to profit from the technology in ways not possible with traditional currencies.It’s also

Which opera singer is best in the world?

The top ten singers in the opera world are all male.However, many of them have been making headlines in recent years.In a recent article, the singer-songwriter and composer Paul Simon wrote: “The only one that’s made the list of the top ten male singers is Paul Simon.He has the biggest repertoire, the

What’s the deal with the #Skiplike video game?

The Skiplike game is a video game where players are allowed to wear their own body to compete in the Skiplikes event, a series of challenges that have been around

How to sing for $5,000

Flamingo Masked Singer, Weekend Singer and Throat Singers sing on their instruments at the 2018 Festival of the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida, June 21, 2019. More Info (Source: TechRadars) “A songwriter and a singer are all very different people,” said James R. Jones, a vocal coach and songwriter who is also a songwriter himself.“I

Jose Mourinho’s future hangs in the balance

Mourinho has made a habit of making the unexpected decision to leave his team-mates in the lurch, with players such as Gareth Bale, Oscar, Gareth Bale and David Luiz leaving


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