A black man accused of fatally shooting two white men in Florida last week has been arrested for the slayings.

Michael H. Jones, 51, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Anthony Lamar Brown, 49, and his cousin, Tyree Jackson, 50.

Jones is also accused of killing his girlfriend, Ashley Jackson, 40, who was also in the apartment with him, police said.

Police said the killings happened in an apartment in the Jacksonville suburb of Jacksonville.

Police identified Jones as the suspect.

He was taken into custody Thursday morning and will appear in court Monday.

In court, a judge set bail at $1 million and ordered that Jones undergo psychiatric evaluations and counseling.

He will appear for a court hearing at 2:30 p.m.


The deaths were the latest in a string of racially motivated attacks in Florida.

In January, a man shot and killed a black woman in the parking lot of a downtown Tampa restaurant.

A week later, a black man fatally shot a white man in the head in front of his mother in a Florida Walmart parking lot.

In March, a white woman was killed in the Florida Everglades after an argument.

The latest killings were the third to occur in the last few months in Florida, which has a population of about 40 million.

In March, authorities said they arrested a Florida man who had a history of white supremacist activity.