The headgear used by a musician, a rapper and a masked singer in a rap video is set to go on sale for $2,800, according to the online retailer Duffle.

The video, entitled “Rough Deal”, features the masked singer and rapper dressed in rhino masks, a headdress and a mask with the rhino on the front.

The masks come with a metal skull and two horns on the back.

“It’s pretty cool, and a cool product to see these guys getting their masks out and showing off,” said the video’s creator, Rhino Mask creator Tyler T. Duffee.

“There’s nothing like having something that has this kind of cool design to go with it.”

The mask’s creators have created a Facebook page to promote the product.

The mask is also available in black, gold and grey.

“We did a lot of research to find out what kind of product this was and what we were going to get it for and the product is a lot more expensive than we expected,” said T.

Duffee, adding that the mask was a collaboration between the band and rapper, Khrysis.

The band have been featured in several videos with the masked rapper.

In a recent video, the masked musicians were seen performing with a gun, a knife and a knife blade in hand.

The masked rappers’ videos have gained a following on social media and they’ve made several appearances on the rap show “RapFix Live”.

In addition to the masked rappers, the band also featured in a video of a masked rapper with a mask on.

“This was the first time I really tried to get this product out,” said Duffie.

“I’m really happy with how it turned out.

The rhino is a big part of the mask and I wanted to make sure I did the most awesome rhino-headgear out of that,” said Khryses, adding, “I want to show you that even when you’re a professional artist you can still do good.”

Khryes’ mother told CBC News that her son is not interested in music or the mask.

“He’s into his mother.

I’m sure he loves it, he loves the mask, he loved the mask,” said Rana.

“My daughter is into the mask.”

Khrisis mother, Khysis, and T.A.D. are also members of the Canadian Black Metal collective, which consists of several artists.

Khrysses mother said that she and her husband will soon have a baby and they’re still waiting to find a name for the baby.

The group is a group of artists and musicians who create their own music with an aggressive, heavy sound.

The members are known for their extreme style and their ability to incorporate themes into their music.

The Canadian Black metal band, Khrisses, has been performing for more than 30 years.