A woman who claims she had a consensual encounter with an Uber car driver is now demanding an apology from the company.

Carolyn M. Schmoke, a Florida-based singer who performs under the name Turtle Mask, told The American Conservatives on Wednesday that she was assaulted by an unknown driver in October 2016.

She claimed that she asked the driver to take her home and then that he forced himself on her and attempted to perform oral sex.

The Florida-area singer claims the driver also asked if he could borrow a condom.

Schmoke says she refused and the driver drove off, leaving her in a carpool.

Schampoes lawyer, Chris Stinson, told the publication the singer was not in a position to consent to the sexual act and that the driver was only “saying yes to sex” when he pulled her into the car.

Schwartz, who has performed for Uber since the start of 2016, told CBC News that the alleged assault was the first time she had ever been physically assaulted by someone.

Schreiber, a former singer-songwriter, also told CBC that she has been the subject of numerous threats, harassment and intimidation from people in the industry.

Schmitts lawsuit against Uber says that the company has a duty to investigate and report sexual assault allegations to law enforcement.

Uber said Wednesday that it is “committed to working with our partners and to making our communities safer.”

A spokesperson said that the allegations against Schmope were “totally unfounded.”

Uber’s public relations team has not responded to requests for comment.