A couple in a small Japanese town is enjoying the country’s summer sun, and the love of their lives has no idea why.

They have been living together in the town of Tsukuba, just outside the city of Nagoya, for three years.

But this year, their wedding is taking a back seat to a new project, and they’re struggling to pay their bills.

The couple has been working as a maid, but this summer they will be getting paid for their work.

But that hasn’t stopped the internet from picking up on the couple’s love for music.

“We are working on our new album, and we are thinking about doing some concerts and we will start this summer,” says Yuichi.

The band, which is known as The Sexy Sexy Band, has been making a name for itself in Japan for two years, and has been dubbed one of Japan’s best bands by some.

Their success is due to their love of music, and Yuichi’s passion for the genre.

“I am a musician, and I love music, but my main passion is to be a maid.

I love the atmosphere and the music,” he says.”

As a maid I am always listening to the sound of music and getting used to the way things are.”

But while they love their job, they are also struggling to find the money to cover the costs of the new album and concerts.

“For me it is a big financial burden,” says Mr Yuichi, “I have been doing this for so long and I am tired of it, so I decided to go back to school to learn English.”

And so, with the help of friends, they have put together a website, with help from their family.

“My mother was born in Nagoya and my father was born here.

I feel like I am the only person from Nagoya in the whole world,” says Yukiko, who is also a singer.

The internet is taking notice, with many Japanese people posting about the couple.

“It’s hard to find someone that is a fan of Japanese music,” says Japanese internet critic Toshiyuki Sakaki.

“The Sexy Sexy Song Band, and their fans, have taken over Japan and they have made a big splash.

They have become a very popular band, and this year they will perform in a concert.”

But it’s not just Japanese internet users that are picking up the band.

“They have gotten international attention and a lot of Japanese fans are also watching the videos of the show on YouTube,” says internet critic and blogger Kenji Inoue.

“A lot of people are getting to know the band, including people in the US.

And it’s amazing to see their fans cheering them on.”

For the band the love and support from fans around the world is heartwarming, and Mr Yuichis not the only Japanese couple to be touched by the internet.

“There are a lot people in Japan who are very supportive and very happy to hear about our situation, and people are giving us love and encouragement,” says the band’s frontman, Yukiko.

“Many Japanese fans have come to visit us in Nagaya, and our fans in America are even coming to Japan for our concerts.”

But now, while the band is in a good position, the reality is they are struggling to meet their expenses, and with a lack of income.

“So far we have only been able to cover our expenses for one concert,” says Ms Yukiko with a sigh.

“But we don’t have any money to go out and buy anything, and so we are not sure how long we will be able to keep the show going.”

Our fans have given us lots of love, and even though we haven’t been able pay our rent, we are grateful.

“For now, the band will continue to keep making music, with a plan to play more gigs around Japan.”

Hopefully we will have enough money to keep this going,” says Yoshiko.