What are the most famous songs from Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

When we think of popular songs from the Star Wars universe, we think about the movies and the music.But where does the next pop star fit in? Star Wars: Episode VIII is set for release in December, so if you’ve been wanting to find out more about the next generation of Star Wars

Which opera singer is best in the world?

The top ten singers in the opera world are all male.However, many of them have been making headlines in recent years.In a recent article, the singer-songwriter and composer Paul Simon wrote: “The only one that’s made the list of the top ten male singers is Paul Simon.He has the biggest repertoire, the

How to Play Masked Singer Sun

METALLICA has a new music video for its song “Masked Singer”, which was released last month.The video stars singer Sun, who also performed in “The Masked Rider” video and appeared

How to get Carmen sing for your movie cast

Carmel Singer and Carmen Singer movie star, Carmen, is a former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.Now she’s singing for your upcoming film. She has an upcoming film, Carmen: The Musical, which